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Christmas Tree Alternatives

Stockings, Lights, Santa Hats. All things to get people into the Christmas spirit. But the centrepiece of Christmas Decorations will always be the tree. The family activity of decorating the tree and while listening to Christmas songs about the Christmas tree is a well-known tradition up and down the UK. There is nothing quite like coming down on Christmas morning to see mountains of presents crammed under the tree. But this year, this could all change. With the supply limited, and demand as high as ever, we may be about to run into a potential Christmas disaster.

So here 4 alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree:

  1. Decoration Display

With no tree but all the baubles to go on it, why not put them to good use. All you need is a curtain pole, string, and baubles, some fairy lights, and a bit of cellotape. Measure out a variety of lengths of string between 40cm and 1 metre. Loop around the curtain pole and tie each bit of string to the baubles. Having done this, arrange all the baubles along the curtain pole and cellotape the string to the curtain pole so that they don’t move.

  1. Tinsel Tree

Green Tinsel has a similar look to the traditional tree branches. So, if you couple some green tinsel, cellotape, fairy lights, and a few wire hangers. Bend the wire hangers, wrap them in green tinsel, and fasten them in place with cellotape. Make sure the tinsel has been wrapped reasonably tightly. Hook them together and display them with fairy lights on the wall.

  1. Festive Terrarium

A little message, fairy lights, and some seasonal base whether that be pinecones, white gravel, or a selection of small wooden sticks in a glass terrarium. Sure to be a unique, creative, and eye-catching centrepiece that will bring the room together.

  1. Plywood Tree

Planks of plywood spiralling up getting gradually smaller provide a nice decorative option to display the festive ornaments you already own. Fasten the plywood in the centre of the spiral. Wrap fairy lights around the outside and place baubles and other decorations on the individual planks of wood.

And there you have it, 4 alternatives to a traditional Christmas Tree, Christmas is saved!!!

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