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Corporate Gifts From Urban Botanist

7 Apr 2022

It’s no secret that Urban Botanist supplies a huge range of incredible terrariums and ecospheres, in a fantastic variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. But did you know we also have an extensive range of corporate gifts available? Take a quick look below at some of our more popular options.

Branded Potted Succulents

Our branded potted succulents are a unique item for businesses to gift to their core clients or hardworking team members. Our individually potted succulents are perfect corporate gifts, and come in a huge variety! Starting from just £5.95, we can handle orders of any size, from 10 to 1,000! These gorgeous succulents come in pure white porcelain pots, but a variety of pot designs can be supplied on request! Each of these amazing gifts comes with a wooden sign with your business branding printed on, a wonderful gift for either customer or employee!

Grow Your Brand Baubles

Our Grow Your Brand Baubles are a unique and festive way to provide gifts for your business’ clients or employees. These gorgeous glass baubles house a unique air plant on a bed of pristine white gravel. Air plants have evolved to grow attached to trees and larger plants, meaning they use their leaves to absorb water, and only use their roots to grip. This means that your baubles require no soil, and your air plants will thrive on just sunlight and the occasional sprinkle of water. Each bauble includes an adorable wooden sign with your own business’ branding. Whether Christmas or mid-July, these gorgeous ornaments can work as incredible office decorations, unique gifts for staff or valued customers, or just tree decorations for the festive season!

Alcohol Gift Sets

If you’d really like to go the extra mile to show your clients or employees just how much they mean to you, check out some of our incredible alcohol gift sets! We have a huge range of different sets available, each with its own alcohol and chocolate gifts! From the Rose Gold Greenhouse with mini prosecco bottle and pink champagne truffles, to the Aztec Gem Bonsai Terrarium with a bottle of The Botanist gin and accompanying Charbonnel et Walker Truffles, there’s an option for everyone!

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