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Different Occasions to Gift Somebody a Terrarium

18 Mar 2022

At Urban Botanist, we specialise in creating a huge array of terrariums, biospheres, and other plant-based gifts and decorations for every event and occasion. We have tried to cater for as many different needs and circumstances as possible, from celebrations like Mother’s Day to religious festivities like Diwali! We have something for everyone, and only supply the highest quality terrariums, hand designed and built by our specialist team. Here are a few examples of different occasions we cater for with our terrariums.

Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Day Terrarium is a perfect gift to show your mother how much you love her on this special day. We have a range of both open terrariums and sealed biospheres designed specially as a unique, loving gift for Mother’s Day! Our gifts for Mother’s Day range all come with a specially designed terrarium fully kitted out with plants, decorations, and charcoal-activated soil, and including a personal message inside. We also have Mother’s Day options which include a specially selected mini bottle of rose champagne and matching truffles to share with your special someone!

Baby Showers

The birth of a new baby is a wonderful event to celebrate with a terrarium or biosphere, which will thrive with little to no attention for years to come! In the right conditions, sealed biospheres can last indefinitely, leaving a gift the baby can keep forever.  Our new baby terrariums are available in new baby boy and new baby girl editions.

Grief and Bereavement

Sending condolences and offering support to those going through grief can be challenging, and choosing what to send can be a daunting process. We are aware that our gift cannot possibly make a difference in the face of the loss of a loved one, but all the same we wish to show our support and try to offer a spot of joy amongst the grief. During grief we can struggle greatly to maintain upkeep on our schedule and so, any high-maintenance gift would be burdensome. A sealed biosphere is a lovely gift for a loved one going through grief. Being sealed, it requires no maintenance or input whatsoever from the owner, who can simply enjoy its peaceful presence in their home. If somebody you know is suffering from grief, they may also benefit from special support like a befriending service. Get in touch with a charity like the Widows Empowerment Trust to access specialist bereavement support.

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