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Five Unique Christmas Gifts for Plant Lovers

20 Dec 2021

Christmas is nearly upon us! In just a couple of short weeks, Christmas day will be here. How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? If you’re looking to find a gorgeous and unique Christmas present for a friend or family member who loves plants, look no further! The Urban Botanist has everything you need. Here’s five unique Christmas gift ideas that you can find right here:

Open Terrariums

Open terrariums are artful and attractive plant arrangements all housed in a glass container with a single open side for the occasional watering. These are specially designed to be virtually maintenance free! All you need is a little sprinkle of water every few weeks or so, and your terrarium will stay healthy and thriving. These come in a shape and style to fit every aesthetic, from our strikingly minimalistic Copper Cube to our more extravagant Aztec Jewel or Coffee Gem.

Ecospheres (Closed Terrariums)

Our ecospheres are even less maintenance than open terrariums! These closed terrariums are specially designed to form their own tiny ecosystem, so they never require any maintenance. The water inside will cycle, evaporating and condensing on the glass, before running down to water the soil again. Only sunlight required! Available from the tiny Baby Petite to the huge Mega Grande.

Preserved Moss and Root Artwork

Moss and root art is a truly distinctive addition to your home’s aesthetic! Crafted from wood and preserved mosses of varying greens, these stunning gifts are available as moss wall art or in moss bowl form. Add optional fairy lights for an extra sparkle!

Living Wall Art

Our living wall art, like the Hexagrande Living Wall Planter, offer a planter shelving unit in one piece! Rather than buying some shelves and stacking them with mismatched pots, fix a stunning statement piece to your wall and have an idiosyncratic addition to your home’s design and your plant care!

Plant Christmas Calendar

For something truly outstanding, check out The Urban Botanist’s amazing plant advent calendar! This collection of 24 magical windows containing a plant or plant accessory will delight you throughout the entire festive season! December may be half gone now, but a few pieces remain in stock, order by December 23rd for delivery before Christmas Day, and enjoy through to January!

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