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Gardening under glass: the low maintenance option for plant lovers

16 Aug 2019

Gardening under glass. It’s the popular, low maintenance option for plant lovers. We’re talking about terrariums of course!


In the most simple terms, a terrarium is a glass pot that contains plants and a substrate such as sand or soil, to create a self-contained miniature ecosystem.

what is a terrarium


The environment you find in a terrarium is a microcosm of how plants grow and thrive in the natural world. The process that occurs within a terrarium mirrors the natural rainfall cycle that plants go through. For example, within a terrarium, sunlight generates heat which means moisture then evaporates from both the plants and the growing substrate, collecting on the terrarium surface as condensation before ultimately falling back into the soil and plants. All done in a self-contained micro-system.


There are generally two main types of habitats that exist: open and closed terrariums.

Open terrariums have an opening to release moisture, and create ecosystems that maintains a lower humidity. Because of this open terrariums work really well for succulents and cacti.

Closed terrariums have lids that seal them completely creating a high humidity environment in which the moisture constantly recycles itself. Because of this, closed terrariums can go months without needing to be watered.


Terrariums used to be incredibly popular in the 1970s and then after that they were kind of forgotten about. But now they’ve had a resurgence in popularity. And it’s easy to see why. For plant lovers, they’re a super low maintenance option, and are especially great for those who live within inner cities and want to surround themselves with much needed greenery but don’t have the space for a garden. Terrariums are also used as interior design features because of their elegant appearance and diverse, meaning they can brighten any decor.

If you’ve never had your own terrarium, now’s the time to start gardening under glass!

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