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Make Father’s Day Perfect With Some Plants in The Home

2 Jul 2019

Father’s Day is coming fast – in fact it’s right around the corner! And no doubt you’ll be searching for that special something for your Dad, to really celebrate the day and make it as memorable as possible.

Quirky and unique gifts are certainly the way to go; so to help you make the right choice, we’ve put together some of our highlights from our range of perfect Father’s Day plants. Plus, you can get 10% off orders under £80, and 20% off orders over £80 in our Father’s Day Sale – using code: FATHER10 or FATHER20


This year, you can show your Dad just how much you care by getting him something a little different when it comes to his Father’s Day gifts!


Finding presents for Dad can be tricky, but if he’s ready to embrace the ever-growing botanical trend of including some unique terrariums inside the home; then our Supersize Aztec Cube Terrarium can definitely help him do so!

This eye-catching black copper soldered terrarium, in a geometric cube shape, certainly tops our list of unique Fathers’ Day gifts. It can either come with 3 plants, a choice of cacti or succulents, which have been hand picked by our botanical experts. Or you can opt for the empty version so that your Dad can craft his own distinctive terrarium. Plus, you can even add some visually enhancing LED fairy lights, to really make it standout.

Personalised Fathers Day gifts are always popular, and you can add your own unique message on a natural wooden round, to make this SuperSize Aztec Cube even more special.


If your Dad’s a coffee lover, then this stunning, self-sufficient Arabica Coffee Ecojar can make for an ideal gift. The sealed airtight kilner jar houses the beautiful looking coffee arabica houseplant, which sits comfortably on a moss base.

The fact that it requires zero maintenance makes it all the more appealing, and you can even add a little extra finesse with some fairy lights. These help transform the ecojar into an even more visually stunning Father’s Day gift. There’s also an option to personalise the Ecojar with a special gold disc.


If you’re after something smaller or a little more masculine, then our Copper Aztec Penta Terrarium is the ideal solution, especially if you’re on a tighter budget. This stunning little centrepiece is crafted by hand, using copper soldering, and can house seasonal succulents or cacti that have been hand picked by our botanical experts.

Not only does it require very little watering or maintenance, it can be personalised with a wooden round, and you can also add to its great visual appeal with some LED fairy lights. Even if your Dad doesn’t fancy himself as a budding indoor gardener just yet, you can opt for the empty version for him to build it and customise as he wants!


This beautifully attractive, black copper soldered Aztec Diamond Terrarium can make for an ideal centerpiece for the home, and a fantastic gift for Father’s Day. It can come complete with 3 carefully selected succulents, which are bedded on layers of monochrome gravel, creating a truly striking piece. Of course, you can enhance its aesthetics even more with some optional LED fairy lights too.

The great thing about the Aztec Diamond Terrarium is that you can buy it as a set, as a DIY kit, or completely empty. Just like all our DIY products, this means that you and your Dad can create your own unique terrarium together, adding your own plants and lights as you see fit. The perfect excuse for you and him to spend some quality time together this Father’s Day.


There are plenty more Father’s Day gift ideas where they came from, and all of them can be perfectly placed in the home or in the office, meaning your Dad can continue enjoying his unique gift when he’s at work.

Keep in mind that having plants inside the home or office isn’t just about enhancing the aesthetics, they also have plenty of health benefits too. Succulents and cacti release enriching oxygen day and night, which keeps the air fresh and clean.

They can also help to remove some of the toxins from the air too. Plus, their calming, mood boosting effects can work wonders for improving concentration, while increasing both happiness and productivity. All of this makes them an incredibly rewarding gift!

Don’t forget, you can take full advantage with our special Father’s Day Sale! You’ll get 10% off orders under £80 using code FATHER10, or 20% off orders over £80 using code FATHER20 with your order.

So what are you waiting for? Order before 2pm on Thursday 13th June to guarantee delivery and give your Dad the special gift that he deserves.

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