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How Moss & Root Art Can Bring Any Room to Life

12 Sep 2019

Real plants can easily enhance any interior space, creating a therapeutic effect, while instantly making the indoor environment feel fresher, cleaner, and more organic. They can make for the perfect finishing touch to any room, transforming the ambiance and bringing the space to life.


Moss art is a cost-effective alternative to living art that is simple yet effective. Recently, one of the most popular ways to bring an interior space to life is with moss wall art, root art, or moss wall panels.

root art


Many people have started experimenting with these living pieces of art on their walls, and for good reason. They make for an ideal way to bring a touch of vibrancy, colour and natural beauty into your home or office space.

We often crave nature when we’re stuck inside for long periods, therefore it makes sense that finding new and interesting ways to bring some of the natural world inside is a goal for many people.

living wall art


Moss wall art and root art can easily help you achieve this, in a captivating and uniquely stylish way. Introducing a living piece of art into your home or office is a simple way to make a “sterile” room instantly more inviting.

It won’t matter how large your moss wall panels are, or how small your root art is, any piece of living art will effortlessly exude beauty when displayed. It’s sure to grab the attention of anyone who enters the room, drawing the eye with its unique design and quirky appeal.


moss root art


Not only can you aesthetically enhance any interior space with some moss and root art, but the added advantage is that these living art pieces require no maintenance at all. They don’t need watering, pruning, or sunlight, meaning you can enjoy a touch of nature with an alluring artistic flair completely stress-free.

As well as being easy to care for, moss wall art and root art is also much more cost-effective than choosing fresh flowers to liven up your room. They’re also far more eco-friendly than any artificial plant art alternatives.

Take a look at our collection of Moss & Root Art today and bring your chosen room to life with a stylish touch of nature.

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