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Perfect Valentine’s Day Presents for Plant Lovers

12 Jan 2022

The classic flower bouquet is a standard sweet gift to give on Valentine’s Day, but the cut flower industry is a waning presence in Western economies. Don’t you hate it when that beautiful flower arrangement starts wilting and dying after a week or two? So does everybody else! That’s why so many are now flocking to purchase living potted plants over dying flower bouquets! Here are some perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will carry on living for years to come.

Living Walls and Preserved Moss Wall Art

Living wall art is such a beautiful and unique present to give, and can be made to suit any kind of interior. Living Wall Art like mounted wall planters create a gorgeous effect while helping promote calm and oxygenating your space! Preserved Moss Wall Art can be used to create a truly bespoke interior space which celebrates and features the rich earthy hues of moss and woods.

Open Terrariums

Terrariums have become very popular trendy gifts the past couple of years, and we can see why! The eye catching angular contemporary glass containers compliment the soft and colourful plants inside. Terrariums can both be closed and open systems, but open terrariums need a little bit of occasional attention, like the odd sprinkling of water. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves plants and like to actively care for them. Open terrariums are also available as DIY kits that would make for a really cute activity for a date.

Closed Terrariums and Ecospheres

A little capsule of forever. Closed terrariums are sealed eco-systems that require no intervention from the owner. These gorgeous statement gifts are totally self-sufficient and contain the perfect amount of water for it to cycle through evaporation to condensation to keep the plants fresh and the soil damp! Closed terrariums and ecospheres are available in a range of different shapes and styles, with varying interior décor, so you can choose the perfect one for you! They will remain pretty and alive for many years to come. This would be the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t necessarily have a green thumb but loves plants.

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