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Small Changes in Your Home That Can Change Your Life

11 Jul 2019

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s your safe space in this world where you can retreat, recharge and refocus.

If your home doesn’t feel like this, it’s time to take action. To build a restorative respite where you and your loved ones can come together and grow, here are some small changes you can make to your home that can have the biggest impact.


If you’re feeling blocked creatively, you might have too much clutter in your home. Look around at the things you have collected, if an item doesn’t bring you any joy, get rid of it. If it does, organise it. When you start clearing clutter, you’ll find that increased energy, inspiration and revitalisation can start flowing back into your life.

tidy bedroom


Staring at unfinished projects that litter your home can leave you with unpleasant emotions. Disappointment, deflation and defeat to name a few. Beginning projects and then leaving them unfinished can make you feel like you’re a failure but in reality you may just be spreading yourself too thin. Dedicate some time to finishing those projects and then slow down. Don’t take on more than you can handle.


Style your own habitat, ensuring it reflects you and your personality. If you can’t see yourself in your home, how are you supposed to connect with it? Bare walls and a blank home can leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a transitional period, meaning you might feel like you can’t get too comfortable in your home. By incorporating your personality, your home really becomes yours; a place you have an emotional connection to.

interior design


A home that lacks any natural material such as plants can be a symptom of a disconnection from your true self. Being disconnected from your true nature can leave you feeling lost and lacking in energy. By introducing some kind of greenery into your home, even if it’s a simple succulent or terrarium, can reinvigorate yourself and your home.

interior design

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