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Take a Step Closer to Your Ultimate Zen Interior With A Crystal Terrarium

21 Jan 2022

Using crystals to relief stress has been practices for centuries! Crystals can help people relax, de-stress, and help promote positive mental health. Crystals can also help ease anxieties, cope with stressful events, and help us heal from trauma. After the last few years we’ve had, with the pandemic procedures and various lockdowns, we all deserve to make our home a place where we can turn off all the outside noise and relax! As a lover of plants (and who can deny that plants bring life and joy indoors) we have combined the two to provide you the ultimate gift to yourself – add this to your favourite peaceful place in your home and watch the ambience hit the next level and enjoy the tranquillity and joy it brings to you!

We have made various terrarium and ecosystem designs, each with a unique crystal chosen for its qualities. We have chosen Amethyst and Rose Quartz as they are the most beneficial in helping to bring peace and ease all the negative emotions we may be carrying.

Amethyst is known to decrease anxiety, strain, fear, and anger as well as overall balancing mood swings. This crystal is naturally calming and alleviates any negativity. It helps you connect with yourself and opens intuition. Amethyst is also the birthstone of anybody born in February, making an amethyst terrarium a perfect birthday present as well as an ideal Valentine’s Day gift!

Rose quartz enhances sleep and helps restore positivity and peace within yourself. It is also the crystal of love, known to restore trust and harmony in relationships and promoting unconditional love. Because of this, a Rose quartz terrarium is another wonderful Valentine’s Day gift! Decorate your romantic spaces with this gorgeous pink gem.

Our crystal terrariums and ecospheres create a beautiful and unique centrepiece and bring a calming, peaceful presence to your home! The piece strikes a delicate balance, with both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs to choose from for a personal touch and bespoke design. Add some fairy lights and see it come alive like a little piece of a fairy tale.

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