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Unique Plant Designs to Spruce up Your Office

14 Dec 2021

With the pressure and isolation of the various lockdowns we’ve endured over the last two years, and the huge number of people who have been working from home during this time, customising your home space with artwork and plants has become a new craze! But now many of us have returned to the office, it’s time to bring those design notes to our working spaces too. Working in pleasant and attractive environments helps relieve stress, aids productivity, and helps us maintain good mental health. So, let’s take a look at some unique plant ideas you can use to spruce up your office!

Moss Art

Moss Art is an entirely new form of artwork, crafted from natural woods and preserved mosses. Moss art can come in tabletop varieties in the form of Botanical Moss Bowls or other ornaments decorated with preserved moss in gorgeous shades of green! If you’re short on surface space, moss art also comes in wall form, like wall Wooden Moss Art pieces! These beautiful wall installations are available in different shapes and sizes to match the needs of your office, and are sure to bring a unique and natural feel to your workspace.

Wall Planter

Wall planters like the Hexagrande Succulent Living Wall Planter bring the exquisite aesthetics of having shelves filled with all manner of plants and flowers, but without the stress of purchasing shelving units and then arranging your plant selection separately! Cut out the hassle with a beautiful premade wall planter and bring some stress-free greenery to your office!


Biospheres combine the beautiful aesthetics of wall planters or shelved plants, with the convenience and ease that comes with a sealed self-sustaining environment. Available in a plethora of different sizes, ranging from the huge Mega Grande Ecosystem, to the tiny Baby Petite Ecosystem. If you don’t mind the odd bit of watering here and there, you can opt for an open terrarium in place of a sealed biosphere! With an open terrarium, you’ll be able to have some interaction with your plants while still enjoying the ease of a very low maintenance but gorgeous looking art piece! Open terrariums are available in some amazing styles, like the Supersize Copper Jewel Terrarium and the Mini Copper Cube.

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