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What Different Flowers Symbolise

7 Feb 2022

Plants and flowers can make wonderfully beautiful and unique gifts for almost any occasion! Whether treating someone special to a bouquet of flowers or gifting a unique terrarium or ecosphere to last a lifetime, the plants you choose can hold poignant meanings! Here are some of the most popular flower choices and what they symbolise in a gift.


These periwinkle bell-shaped flowers represent kindness and gratitude. The perfect flowers to gift to someone to say thank you for their friendship and support. Bluebells make fantastic gifts for teachers to say thank you for their dedication and support through your education!


The popularity of Hyacinths skyrocketed when Animal Crossing came out on the Nintendo Switch a few years ago. But these gorgeous flowers are even prettier in real life and add a bright red burst to any room they’re in. Hyacinths are dedicated to Apollo, the Greek Sun God, and symbolises games, sports, and play.

Red Roses

Of course, the classic symbol of love and romance. Roses symbolise love, passion, and connection between two people. Roses are traditionally used as romantic tokens between lovers, making them perfect Valentine's Day gifts! Roses are the perfect flower to show love and attraction.

White Roses

White roses symbolise a new beginning as well as purity and innocence. These flowers would be a great housewarming gift or a congratulatory gift on life events such as a work promotions, new ventures, and pregnancy announcements.


These beautiful large flowers come in many colours and smell divine! Each colour means something different, e.g. pink lilies symbolise prosperity, red ones signify passion and orange signifies pride. There’s a lily for every occasion, so make sure you get the right colour for your gift!

Every flower carries with it a deeper meaning that you can use to make your gifts extra special! Of course, if you prefer to pick your flowers based on aesthetic alone, there’s nothing wrong with that! But if you’re looking to make an extra poignant statement for a special someone, find the perfect flower to send the most meaningful message you can.

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