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What Your Choice of Terrarium Says About You

26 Apr 2022

The Penta and Jewel Open Terrariums

A beautiful, elegant Penta or Jewel terrarium suggests someone who appreciates exquisite designs in their space. Opting for a Jewel or Penta terrarium suggests you are attracted to crisp, sleek, and symmetrical designs. In your home, everything has its own place and you’re not a fan of an eclectic, cluttered aesthetics. But although you dislike clutter, you are no minimalist!

The open terrarium design requires more input and care from the owner as it’s not a self-sufficient ecosphere, which suggests you like to be involved with your plants and show lots of attention to things you love. You like to fuss over and interact with your plant life, instead of just admiring it from afar. The Penta and Jewel terrariums allow you to do that while also acting as a complex art piece to decorate your home, keeping with that sublime, elegant design you love.

The Diamond and Gem Open Terrariums

Displaying a unique Diamond or Gem terrarium in your home suggests that you are a fan of statement pieces, and love to show off your individuality! These irregular, asymmetrical pieces can provide an incredible note on an idiosyncratic interior! You are likely to enjoy detailed, visually interesting designs that make great use of geometry and colour. Your open terrarium means you love to interact with your plants, and you likely switch your design up often to keep it fresh, but your Diamond or Gem terrarium will leave a unique impression, no matter how you arrange!

The Cube Open Terrarium

Opting for a Cube open terrarium shows that you appreciate minimalist design. The crisp, clean lines of the Cube terrarium appeal to you, and your home is likely designed to be equally sleek and neat. Your terrarium likely sits alone or with minimal surroundings, perhaps as a table centrepiece or up on a shelf. The Cube terrarium is for those who like to incorporate space into their designs!

Sealed Ecosphere

If you’ve chosen a sealed ecosphere for your home, then you are a hands-off kind of plant lover! Rather than wanting to interact with your plants, you’d rather just admire their beauty and leave them in a self-sufficient cycle. You also don’t mind a spot of rural design, as our ecospheres come in thick, cork-sealed jars, perfect for rustic interiors and countryside homes!

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