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DIY Baby Petite Ecosystem Kit


180 x 180 x 230 mm
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The Baby Petite Ecosystem DIY Kit contains everything  you need to assemble your very own miniature ecosystem in your home. The set comes complete with a curved flask made from recycled glass and cork lid alongside self-sufficient plants that can be arranged as you wish and require no upkeep or watering whatsoever, making it perfect for busy bees who don't have time to maintain a normal house plant.

Our Baby Petite Ecosystem DIY Kit features three self-sustaining plants that have been carefully selected by our botanical experts and live moss to allow you to create your own array as you like it. Every component in this set is individually wrapped as pictured, giving you the freedom to decide how you'd like your Ecosystem to look. 

To make your Ecosystem even more individual, or tailor it specifically to your recipient, why not include fairy lights and an engraved wooden message.