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Hydroponics simply describes any method of growing plants without soil. What is not to love about a plant that doesn't need soil, think less dirt, and survives being neglected - think once a month to show some love.

As an alternative to flowers, they provide a stunning centrepiece, suitable as a home or office companion. These indoor plants grow in water in a glass vessel, assuring you can never overwater, a common mistake made by many of us. Insects thrive in dark, damp soil but don’t do well in water. The soil-free environment reduces the chances of unwanted house guests and disease. Having no soil also has hidden benefits, none of your furry feline friends can mistake these plants for comfortable convenience. A benefit many of us won’t consider is that hydroponic's are more allergy-friendly than other plants. Normal flowers and potting soil may contain components that cause some people problems. This growing method is clean, odourless and non-allergenic.