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Home Office Plants

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Working from home? Looking for home office plants or terrariums to add a bit of green but without adding to your workload? Here's our selection of home office plants, succulents, cactii, terrariums and ecospheres. They're all designed to be incredibly low maintenance while bringing a flavour of the outdoors inside to your office.

They're all small enough to sit comfortably on a desk and brighten up your work at home space.

Coffee Cup & Arabica Plant

Our Coffee Cup & Arabica Plant makes for a truly quirky, low-maintenance commercial gift for plant lovers and coffee lovers alike
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Mini Succulent Collection - 6 Plants

Our succulents are available in an array of sizes, colours and shapes.They can add a touch of colour and vibrancy into any interior space.
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Mini Succulent Collection - 3 Plants

Succulents are one of the most popular indoor plants out there. These beautiful and unique low-maintenance plants come in a range of shapes & sizes
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Mini Cacti Collection - 3 Plants

Our Mini Cacti Collection is a set of three seasonal eye-catching cacti, carefully selected just for you by our expert botanists.
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Petite Ecosystem

Our Petite ecosystem is a striking addition to every home and the plants require no maintenance or upkeep! A conical flask shaped bottle garden, this lets you bring the outside in without any maintenance.
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Whether you work from home all the time or just some of the time, having a comfortable space to call your home office is important to your productivity. A study from the University of Exeter in 2014 shows that plants in an office environment can increase productivity.


But equally we know that the last thing many home workers want is high maintenance plants that take time to care for. So we've hand selected a range of our indoor plants, terrariums and ecospheres  that are low maintenance, long lasting and would make the perfect addition to your home office.