Alternative Botanical Gifts instead of Fresh Cut Flowers

Alternative Botanical Gifts instead of Fresh Cut Flowers

Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Lockdown….it’s definitely the season to be sending flowers. Whilst fresh cut flowers offer amazing scents and colours, they just do not last. There are many alternatives to flowers, items you can gift, or projects you can enjoy making yourself at home. The bonus is these can also be a fun activity to keep the little ones amused during the prolonged time at home.

DIY Ecosystems

Add some natural beauty to an office or home space with DIY Ecosystem Kits. You can create your own ecosystem in a recycled glass flask using the components provided. They are ideal for nature lovers or creative minds, coming with self-sustaining plants and live moss. We love that once sealed they require no upkeep and no watering.


DIY Terrariums

Create your own mini garden with a DIY terrarium kit. The DIY kit comes complete with a trio of mini succulents or cacti, gravel and pebbles so that you or the recipient of this gift can create your very own mini indoor garden. At the warmest times, the plants may need a small amount of water every 2 weeks and in winter only once a month.



If you are anything like us and struggle to remember to water plants, then cacti and succulents are the perfect gifts. They have the additional benefits of being low maintenance and helping to keep your air fresh whilst removing toxins.

Seed Starter Kits


Grow your own vegetables, herbs or plants to brighten up any space. With many species you will see a much higher success rate if you start the seeds off indoors. Purchase a seed starter kit and you will have everything you need to get started. They make lovely gifts; herbs and edibles flowers for the budding chef, flowers for the interior lovers and growing vegetables for a family activity.

Tip: it is a great home schooling project to measure and chart the plants progress and is suitable for all ages.