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The Office Botanist

The UK’s leading supplier of stunning and unique centrepieces for your office.


Modern, sleek and effortless, office terrariums allow you to bring the outside in with minimal effort but maximum gain.

More and more employers are paying close attention to the kind of environment they create for their employees. And introducing office plants is one way of creating a more appealing environment for workers.

When it comes to indoor office plants there’s so much choice out there. Fresh flowers are undoubtedly beautiful but are expensive to keep on top of and are quite high-maintenance. Because office plants tend to be left to their own devices and so it’s important that whichever indoor plants you choose, can survive well on their own.

Studies have shown that plants and greenery promote productivity in the workplace as well as brightening the place up. We’ve supplied many offices with plants and terrariums and can even make bespoke products unique to your office setup.

If you’re looking for unique office plants then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want small office desk terrariums or large statement pieces we can help you transform your office space. Contact us for more information about our range of office plants.

Office succulents are incredibly low-maintenance and don’t need a lot of care and attention to keep them alive and looking fresh. That’s why more and more employers are turning to terrarium plants for offices. It’s a cost-effective way to decorate your office with long-lasting plants that really brighten up your space.

Modern, sleek and effortless, office terrariums allow you to bring the outside in with minimal effort but maximum gain. The Urban Botanist prides itself on offering stunning and unique botanical living art to enhance any indoor space. We are the market leaders of terrarium design using patent pending technology.

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