Corporate Terrarium Workshops

Bring a Breath of Fresh Air to Your Team

Looking for something different for your next team-building activity? How about a hands-on, nature-filled experience that’s not just fun but also a fantastic way to bond? That’s what we’re offering at The Urban Botanist. Whether you’re in your office, at a special location, or even connecting with us virtually, we bring the joy of terrarium-making right to you. And the best part? We work around your schedule.

For in-person classes our team will bring all the necessary supplies to the location of your choice. If you prefer a virtual class we'll ensure that all the materials needed for the terrarium making will be sent directly to each participant.

Your Time, Your Terrarium, Your Way

We Get It, You're Busy.

That's why we've made our workshops super flexible. Need a quick team break or a longer session to unwind and connect? We can do both and anything in between. Our workshops fit perfectly into your team's calendar, making them an ideal break from the usual office routine.

Engage, Learn, and Grow!

Begin your terrarium adventure with an engaging introduction into the fascinating world of terrariums, exploring their history and science. Then, witness a captivating demonstration that not only educates but inspires. This journey is more than just about creating a terrarium; it's about reconnecting with nature and understanding its profound impact on our work environment and mental wellbeing.

Hands-On Creativity

After the demo, it's time for your team to get their hands dirty – literally! Each member will have the opportunity to create their own miniature ecosystem. This activity is not just about building a terrarium; it's a chance to build team spirit, encourage individual expression, and witness the blend of diverse ideas into beautiful creations.

Create a Green Memory: Take a Piece of This Experience Back to Your Workspace

As we wrap up, we'll guide you through the easy-peasy aftercare for your new green buddy. Whether these terrariums end up as a new office centerpiece or go home with you, they’ll always remind you of the fun and creativity your team shared today.

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