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Sustainable, eco friendly and simply stunning Mother's Day gifts for Mothering Sunday 2023.

Looking for a present that Mum will cherish? Part with the bouquet of flowers and opt for something more sustainable this Mother's Day. Our range of terrariums, bottle gardens, and living wall art make amazing centrepieces for the home that really will last!

We have designed a stunning range of terrariums and plant gifts with champagne or prosecco options for Mother's Day this year as well as luxurious truffles to match! While the fizzy tipple might not even last Mother's Day itself, the beautiful terrarium style gift will last much longer.

Stunning gift sets for the sparkling wine lovers in your life.

You can optionally personalise many of our Mother's Day gifts with your choice of message to Mum presented on a wooden round within the terrarium. You'll find this option on product pages where it's available. Say it sustainably. A bouquet of flowers may look lovely but may also not even last the week! We've combined the elegance and beauy of the traditional bouquet with a stylish edge and sustainable approach to gifts. Terrariums, living wall art and eco spheres are designed to last. And they're also designed to be incredibly low maintenance, so you Mum won't need to spend ages tending to her new gift.

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