How to Care for Your Succulents

How to Care for Your Succulents

If you are wondering how to care for succulents, it is pretty easy! Succulents have two very positive features. Number one, they look amazing in both a home or commercial setting. And number two, it’s really hard to kill them.

And that’s because of the way they’re set up. Succulents are plants which have thick, fleshy parts that help them store water. These category of plants have adapted so well to survive in very dry conditions across the world and because of that, succulents can store water in various parts of them including their leaves, stems and roots.

Despite succulents all adapting to thrive in a similar environment, there’s a lot of variety in succulent plant shapes and leaf forms. Succulents can have tight rosettes or teardrop and paddle leaves.


Some of the most well known succulents include aloe, agave and cacti. But how do you care for succulents? If you’re new to the plant we’ve put together a brief succulent care guide covering the main things you need to know.


Most succulents prefer bright light so if you can position your plant near a south facing window that should be sufficient! However, try not to give your succulent too much direct sunlight as this can scorch or burn the leaves. If you see your succulent browning or turning white, you’ll know it’s getting too much direct light!

If you find that your succulent is becoming stretched, for example, the stem has elongated or the leaves have developed wide spaces in between, then it’s likely that your plant isn’t getting enough light. By just looking at your succulent you’ll be able to tel whether it’s getting the right amount of light.


The great thing about succulents is that in winter, you can get away with watering them once every other month. You can actually do your succulent harm by overwatering! In summer you can water more frequently but allow the soil to fully dry between waterings. Keep an eye on the leaves because they’ll be able to tell you if your succulent has enough water.


Despite being adapted to thrive in dry conditions, succulents are actually much more tolerant to the cold than you might think! It makes sense when you think about it, in desert environments, the day temperature and night temperature is often drastically different. So they can handle both hot and cold! 21C – 30C is the ideal daytime temperature for a succulent and at night, 10C – 12C.

And that’s basically it when it comes to succulent care! Succulents are super low maintenance which is why they make for excellent terrarium plants.