Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas

Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas

Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas

There’s nothing better to boost spirits in the workplace than a thoughtful gift; whether you’re giving a little something to your employees at Christmas or thanking your clients and customers, you’ll want to find a gift best suited to the occasion. Corporate gifts are easy enough to find, such as wine and hampers, but if you want your gifting to be sustainable and memorable, are there as many options to choose from? 

The short answer is yes! There are hundreds of options available for companies to offer sustainable and bespoke gifts to their customers, employees and clients. This list covers a few of the best options for sustainable corporate gifts out there. 

Cacti & Succulents: Long-lasting Plants

When looking for corporate gifts for your employees or customers, there’s nothing better than something long-lasting, sturdy and low-maintenance. That’s why cacti and succulents are some of the best decorative gifts you can give!

These plants are easy to care for in most indoor locations, making them one of the best living gifts you can buy. They’re easy to budget for, and are bound to brighten up any office or work space with their unique colours and shapes. They also have a positive effect on the environment! Many succulents such as snake plants are known for purifying the air around them, making them a great addition to any space where your clients, customers and employees spend a lot of time.

They’re not one-size-fits-all, either: these plants are so unique that no two gifts will be the same, even if they’re the same type of plant! You can even get them decorated with your company logo to send to customers, or embellish them with a custom note to your employee. 

House Plant Terrarium Gift Sets

If you want to go a little further than a cactus or a succulent, why not try an arranged terrarium? Terrariums are beautiful gifts that look fantastic on any shelf, desk or office surface, with the added bonus of choosing an arrangement of plants and a customised message for your giftee. Our terrarium gift sets include prosecco and even truffles for the perfect luxury gift!

Terrariums are also great gifts by themselves, coming in a wide range of shapes, styles and arrangements that make them unique to every order. Succulent terrariums will thrive on any shelf or windowsill, and don’t need to be watered frequently, making them perfect for displays. They’re also eco-friendly, coming in beautiful glass terrariums able to be reused and repurposed around the house. 

Bespoke Christmas Baubles

Christmas is a great time to be spreading good will in the office, so why not embellish the Christmas spirit with bespoke baubles? These trinkets are made of air plants encased in decorative baubles and can be customised with a message or even with your company logo, and make great Christmas gifts for employees, clients and customers alike. Air plants need very little watering and no soil, making them ideal to use as decorations in corporate settings. These pieces aren’t just great for Christmas - they’re also wonderful for decorating company events around the year! 

Soy Wax & Beeswax Candles 

Another great eco-friendly gift option for clients, customers and employees are soy wax candles. Sustainably sourced from soy oil refined directly from soybeans, these candles are completely eco-friendly and their creation has little to no effect on the environment. Soy wax is softer than beeswax, making soy wax candles great for bottle and container candles. That means they’re easy to decorate with logos and flourishes to give to clients and customers to spread your logo in a creative, interesting and helpful way - who doesn’t love a scented candle? 

If your clients and employees enjoy a good candle, beeswax candles also make great and stylish corporate gifts. Ethically harvested by beekeepers, these candles are excellent for the environment and also help to support the bee population!

Ecospheres: Self-sustaining Ecosystems

Ecospheres are another wonderful self-sustaining option for corporate gifts, holding mini ecosystems that will survive and thrive on their own. These ecospheres come in a range of sizes and jar shapes, and make fascinating decorations for any desk or shelf. These setups can last for years and can be renewed or their components reused when they reach the end of the ecosystem’s life, making them great sustainable gifts that can be easily and stylishly repurposed. 

Depending on your budget for gifting and the purpose of the gift, there are plenty of options for you falling anywhere between small travel-sized petit ecosystems and much larger grande ecosystems.

Sustainable gifting has never been easier!

Choosing the best gifts for your clients and employees can be a difficult task, but it’s always worth it to see your giftees enjoy their new decor. Hopefully this list has helped to relieve some of the pressure of deciding what to buy! For more information about ecospheres, cacti, succulents and other house plants, check out our blog here. To browse our range of products including gem terrariums and gift cactus sets, have a look at our website and shop for FREE next working day delivery on orders over £40!