The Best House Plants For Your Home

The Best House Plants For Your Home

Choosing the best house plants for your interior living space isn’t always easy. But thankfully there are plenty of ideal house plants out there, which offer the same great air purifying benefits. Each of the indoor plants we’ve got on this list can help to detoxify the air in your home. As they can absorb the airborne toxins, dust and germs that can be found throughout your interior living spaces, working to clean the air you breathe in everyday.


So here’s some of the best indoor plants you can find to help you breathe easy and make your home feel fresher.


If you’re new to all things house plants, then the resilient and unique looking spider plant could be the perfect choice for you. These plants aren’t at all picky about water, or sunlight or humidity. They’ll be happy to sit there barely requiring any maintenance, while quietly battle toxins, including carbon monoxide and xylene, in the air.

Their striking sprawling aesthetics are sure to catch the eye, and you can also re-pot them anywhere and they’ll grow. They are non-toxic to animals too, so if you have pets, they won’t ever pose a problem.


There’s no doubt that low-maintenance succulents are quite simply one of the best house plants around. Not only can these plants flourish with very little watering or care, they can also cope just fine in low lit areas, or in high-humidity.

These beautifully green and vibrant house plants can store water in their leaves, can work to improve the humidity in your home, and of course can help to remove many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. There’s so many reasons why everyone should have succulents in their home. The healing aloe plant is a great example of a succulent that even has healing qualities, as it can help to soothe kitchen burns.


You can’t have a list of some of the best indoor plants without including some cacti. These aesthetically pleasing and unique plants positively thrive with very little attention. Cacti are quirky and simple, yet effortlessly elegant and can transform any dull interior space into a more vibrant environment. Much like the succulent plant, a cactus can work to clean the atmosphere in your home, purifying it of harmful toxins and adding more oxygen into the air.


An air plant does exactly what it says, it’s actually able to derive all the nutrients it needs from the air, through specialised leaves. It won’t even require any soil to grow, and need very little direct sunlight, although getting some won’t hurt.

A great example of an air plant is the Tillandsia ionantha, which is one of the most popular house plants. This plant is aesthetically attractive, with layers of silvery-green leaves that deepen in colour as they grow and extend. You only need to water the slender leaved plant every now and then, and eventually it will bloom with beautiful violet blossoms.

At Urban Botanist we have an extensive range when it comes to supplying you with the very best house plants. And there’s no better way to show these plants off than inside a unique and stunning terrarium.

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