Unique Decoration Ideas for Your Terrariums

Unique Decoration Ideas for Your Terrariums

Crystals and Stones

Gem stones are such a nice and delicate addition to add to your terrariums. You can customise it so that it fits your needs and your priorities. For example, you could put a ‘Tiger Eye’ stone in your terrarium which channels confidence and maybe even some ‘Obsidian’ for some protection from outside negativity. 


Adding a layer of moss can really elevate your terrarium, really make it as if you’ve encapsulated a piece of magical nature. There are a lot of different mosses you can get; reindeer moss is the most popular as it’s preserved and doesn’t need any extra care. They also come naturally dyed into many different colours so you can have some fun personalising your terrarium.

Miniature Ornaments

This is a fun addition to your terrarium. You can add mini ornaments like mini mushrooms, mini cottages and mini gnomes and fairies to give your terrarium a more mystical magical aesthetic. On the other hand you can also add mini Lego characters like Lego batman if you want a more aesthetically opposed vibe – you can really make it your own!


Sea shells are a really nice way to add some interest in your terrarium. It also provides an excuse to have to make a trip to the beach and have a chill beach day!

Rocks, Logs, and Twigs

Go for a walk in your local park or go to a hiking trail. While you get your steps in you can keep an eye out for any rocks and twigs that catch your eye. Using things you find naturally in nature to decorate your terrarium would obviously boost its pleasing aesthetic and can be quite therapeutic going outside to collect them. 

Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lights in your terrarium is the best idea. Nothing beats a fairy light moment. Having the pretty lights lighting up your terrarium at night is relaxing and aesthetically pleasing to a whole new level. Fairy lights, whether it be standard warm, white, or colourful hues will highlight your plants and other decorations in there.