Christmas Delivery

Excitement fills the air as Christmas approaches, and it's time to secure the perfect gifts for your family and friends! Explore our diverse range of terrarium offerings, from DIY Terrarium Kits and baby plants and stunning pre-assembled terrariums. There's a delightful option for every green thumb!

How to order a gift for Christmas?

  • Reserve Your Gift Today!

    We're thrilled to offer a pre-order option for your terrarium kits.

  • Need a Christmas delivery? Here's how:

    Simply proceed with your desired items to the cart. At the payment interface, you'll find an option for 'Christmas Delivery' under the shipping preferences.

  • Care guide

    You will receive a care guide with your order on how to look after your terrarium or plants from DIY kit.


  • Terrarium gifts

    Unique gifts

    Unique and sustainable gift ideas, from ready-made terrariums, DIY Terrarium kits to plants.

  • Free Delivery

    Free delivery over £50* for all our products. We ship all our products across the UK.

  • Handmade

    All our ready-made made terrariums are made by us.

  • UK's Only Shippable Pre-Assembled Terrarium Provider

    Our patented technology makes us the sole provider of pre-assembled terrariums in the UK, and we can ship them directly to you.