Ready-made terrarium ◦ Extra Large Teardrop ◦ Westminister H: 43 cm

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    closed terrarium

    Product Details

    Bring a lush indoor garden into your home with our extra large closed terrarium, handcrafted by us. This mini indoor oasis provides a slice of serenity and natural beauty anywhere you place it.

    Inside the artistic 43cm x 34cm glass container, we've carefully arranged a Bonsai Ficus Ginseng tree as the focal point. Surrounding it are vibrant Fittonia, delicate Boston Fern fronds, a Coffea Arabica plant, and soft bun moss.

    This magical bonsai terrarium world arrives fully assembled - just unbox and watch your plants flourish together in harmony. The sealed environment keeps humidity in and pests out, so your new plants in a glass require little maintenance. 

    Give the gift of living décor with this eye-catching closed terrarium. Makes a unique housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift! Or keep it for yourself to enjoy the wonders of nature right on your counter or desk.

    Bring intrigue and tranquility into your personal oasis with our imaginative indoor gardens. This extra large bonsai terrarium brings peaceful vibes and thriving life wherever displayed.

    This closed terrarium arrives fully assembled and ready to enjoy.


    ↑ 43 cm 
    Ø 34 cm 


    • Our terrarium comes with care instructions


    Since the glassware is crafted by hand, minor imperfections like tiny bubbles or slight irregularities may be present; kindly make allowances for such nuances. While we strive to include the plants specified in the description, there may be instances where a substitute is provided due to stock availability or the plant size.

    Each plant is one-of-a-kind, so while it may not look identical to the picture, it will be similar in size and type. Additionally, the color of the plants may vary from what is shown in the photos.

    The photos provided of ready made terrariums serve as a general guide to the product's appearance. Since each item is handcrafted, slight variations in its look are to be expected.

    As your package includes live plants, we recommend unboxing your items at your earliest convenience.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Olivia Krell
    Cute, he loves it


    Rakhi Oyewole
    Gorgeous terrarium

    Anniversary present for my husband who was severely ill but made it home. He remembered his wanting a bonsai and we both love it!