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    Surprise Yearly Subscription

    Product Details

    12 months £300

    * 2 months FREE over the year – save £60 
    * Receive your new cacti or succulent every month 
    * A unique ceramic pot with every plant 
    * Plus surprise extras each month 
    * Rolling subscription, cancel anytime 
    * Full instructions booklet 
    * Exclusive monthly discount codes available to The Botany Club Annual members only – can be used across The Urban Botanist website… upto 35% off at times! 
    * 3 terrariums over the year.. all fully planted with cacti of course.. using our patented technology to ensure safe transport! Each worth over £50!

    Since the glassware is crafted by hand, minor imperfections like tiny bubbles or slight irregularities may be present; kindly make allowances for such nuances. While we strive to include the plants specified in the description, there may be instances where a substitute is provided due to stock availability or the plant size.

    Each plant is one-of-a-kind, so while it may not look identical to the picture, it will be similar in size and type. Additionally, the color of the plants may vary from what is shown in the photos.

    The photos provided of ready made terrariums serve as a general guide to the product's appearance. Since each item is handcrafted, slight variations in its look are to be expected.

    As your package includes live plants, we recommend unboxing your items at your earliest convenience.